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BorisMaps 1.0

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
11713 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
BorisMaps is a powerful JavaScript gadget used to create dynamic and interactive map representations in your web pages or web applications of any kind. It is suitable for single developers or developer companies which develop rich content web pages or web applications especially in the area of security and sensor management. The BorisMaps API is very similar to the famous GoogleMaps API but allows the user to work with arbitrary map tiles and coordinates and thus is not limited only to geographical coordinates. Instead, BorisMaps can work with any coordinate systems. In order to use BorisMaps, developers must only provide two coordinate conversion functions (map coordinates to pixel and vice versa) and a tile function which returns the URLs to the tile images. BorisMaps offers most of the features of GoogleMaps and adds its own. BorisMaps API consists of reduced set of classes to shorten the learning curve for the developers. An important feature of BorisMaps is that it is server independent. The API is well documented and provides functional examples on how to use it in your projects. BorisMaps runs on most of the browsers: Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Konquerer, Chrome and is expected to work on browsers derivatives of WebKit and Gecko. BorisMaps is one of a kind solution for projects requiring mapping (i.e. asset tracking, alarm systems, sensor management, architecture, engineering and many more). So, try it out!
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