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Objs - JavaScript Obfuscator 1.0

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
11027 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Objs is an advanced tool for obfuscating JavaScript/EcmaScript code in order to hide it from the public and make it difficult to read. Objs is delivered in two versions: * Standard GUI version for desktop use; * Command line version to use on servers or within other applications; Objs is capable of obfuscating JavaScript/EcmaScript code in script files as well in HTML or other file types where the script is referenced. It has the powerful option to detect identifiers in in strings and obfuscate them as well. The user can decide which identifiers to keep intact and which to obfuscate. The program offers several options for obfuscation such as removing horizontal and vertical white space as well as choosing among short and ugly code. Obfuscation of strings is also optional and when enabled strings are obfuscated in their unicode notation. All the obfuscation settings (files, options, identifiers) can be saved in a project file which is a human readable XML file and executed even with the command line version of the software. This allows usage of the software even on dynamically generated pages. Objs users can specify in the project which tags in the HTML should be recognized, which are the events (e.g. onclick, onload, ect.), which are the recognizable entity refs and which are DOM reserved identifiers and routines. In that manner you can customize the software to parse any EcmaScript code and XML files where the code is referenced (e.g. SVG, JScript and so on).
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