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Command Line SFV Checker 0.1

Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File Size:
36 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Generate or check the CRC32 of the files list present on the given '.SFV' file.
It is very useful in case you must execute a fast CRC32 check of a set of files
and you don't have the Windows graphic interface (for example if you administrat
e a remote PC using a telnet shell). To obtain software help, you must execute t
he command 'Enfis_SFV.exe -h' at Ms-Dos prompt.

Here is the output of the software help ('Enfis_SFV.exe -h') :

Command Line SFV handler v0.1 - HELP INFO

..::[ BUILD PARAM ]::..

-f="(file)" Set SFV output filename (default = 'enfis.sfv').
-p="(path)" Build SFV of a specified directory (default = current dir).
-r Recursive directory. Build SFV of specified (or current) dir
and all its sub-folders. Each directory has its own SFV file.
Pattern match Standard DOS wildcard * and ? are allowed for search pattern.

..::[ CHECK PARAM ]::..

-c="(file)" Check CRC of the specified SFV file.

..::[ MISC PARAM ]::..

-o Redirect output text to the 'enfout.txt' file.
-h, -? Show this help text.

..::[ NOTES ]::..

All path and files name must be enclosed in " " if it contains spaces.
Both - and / are allowed like option parameters.

..::[ EXAMPLES ]::..

Enfis_SFV.exe -f=check.sfv *.rar itz*.r?? *hiv*.zip
(Build SFV of all the matching files in the specified pattern inside cur dir)

Enfis_SFV.exe -r -p="c:Program files" -f="Check file.sfv" *.*
(Build SFV of all the files in "c:Program files", recursively)

Enfis_SFV.exe *.0??
(Build SFV of all the matching files of *.0?? pattern, in current dir)

Enfis_SFV.exe -c=check.sfv -o
(Check CRC of 'check.sfv' file in curret dir. Results are in 'enfout.txt')

Enfis_SFV.exe -c=d:Files_Datacrc.sfv
(Check CRC of 'crc.sfv' file in 'd:Files_Data')
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