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CNGeoip 4.0.5

Product information
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
8388 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
CNGeoip is a geographical module which allows you to identify site visitor's cities and countries by IP-address. Taking a certain IP-address, the module outputs its local registration data - a country and a city with geographic coordinates. The module consists of IP-addresses database and interfaces for interaction with the database (PHP/Perl/C). The database is being improved and updated consistently.
CNGeoip features:
- Improved support of former USSR cities;
- English and Russian names of cities and countries as well as national variants for a number of toponyms;
- Geographic coordinates of cities;
- Legal usage - all the information is taken from open sources;
- Demonstration allows testing the database before purchase;
- Examples, included into the distribution kit, will accelerate applications development;
- Minimal system requirements - the interface interacts with the database binary file directly;
- The easiest installation - you should just copy files of the database and the API-interface into any directory of your site;
- High speed of processing - up to 500 requests per second;
- Autonomy and security - the module is stored on your site and does not call the external sources while working.
After the payment you will receive an e-mal with a specially built module during one workday. The letter is sent to the e-mail address specified upon the payment.

The distribution kit is a zip-file which includes the following components: binary database, PHP-connection interface, connection examples, the instructions, and the license agreement. Perl and C/C++ connection interfaces are supplied on demand.
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