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XMicro Internet Security Suite 3.0.0

Product information
Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
File Size:
14140 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
* Scans for more than 70,000 components
* Fastest Scanning mechanism - Average time of 5 minutes to scan complete hard disk
* Automatic incremental signature updates - 6 to 8 signature sets released every week
* User friendly view for the detected Spyware showing severity, type and description
* Option to schedule a scan at user?s convenience
* Realtime Scanning ? Continuously scans Memory and Registry for Spyware
* User friendly interface to manage quarantined Spyware ? Restore or permanently delete
* Rollback capabilities - Auto-quarantine option before deletion to support rollback option
* Internet Explorer home page shield
* Option to prevent harmful ActiveX components from getting installed automatically on IE
* Downloads product updates automatically
* New and improved scan engine for better protection
* Option to enable scan at Windows Startup
* Option to add Spyware name to the ignore list pre/post scan

Internet Privacy

* Cleans up all your Internet Explorer, Netscape, MS office and windows usage traces
* Comes with IE plug-in analyzer (also known as BHO blocker; usually a separate product)
* User friendly wizard to configure clean up settings
* Securely deletes usage traces in such a way that data recovery tools cannot recover data
* Option to securely delete contents of a folder (usually a separate product)
* Automatically performs clean-up task each time you log off
* Hotkeys for closing specified applications, performing clean up action and for Windows shutdown
* Easy access to all the shared file/folder in a network
* Monitors network (UDP/TCP) connection
* Process viewer to view (or end task) the running applications (usually a separate product)
* Downloads product updates automatically

Anonymous Surfing

* Masks your IP address from all websites
* Offers a list of fastest and most secure anonymous proxy servers
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