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APro 1.7

Product information
Windows NT/2000/XP
File Size:
14201 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Software designed for the management and administration of partnerships of horizontal property, countrys and any type of condominium where it is required prorate of expenses between several co-owners.

APro is made up by several modules and programs that can settle altogether or in independent form according to the necessities of the administration. The set of the modules covers the areas with administrative management, pursuit of reclamations, general accounting, current accounts of proprietors, suppliers, impressions of lists of expenses, prorrateos, banking deposit slips, etc. The system admits the personalización of its letterheads to be able to use its logo and the data that considers necessary in the leaves that it prints.
Also, it exports his lists to format pdf or HTML to publish them in his Web site.

Basic characteristicses

* Emission of expenses common and extraordinary in together or separated tickets
* Free definition of expenses per overcome month or advanced month
* Liquidations with fixed, variable or mixed amounts
* Up to 6 coefficients of I prorate by building
* Multiple accounts of expenses by building
* Current accounts of limitless proprietors with detail of interests acumulados in each one
* Control of independent particular or personal expenses for each proprietors
* Current accounts of limitless suppliers
* Limitless banking current accounts
* Deferred checks in portfolio and checks
* Emission of tickets for payments in banks
* Plan of definibles accounts by the user
* Accounting with subnewspapers of income and debits
* Management of reclamations, maintenance and repairs (Reclamations)
* Design of forms user defined (Arquitect)
* Capacity to export text files, Word, Excel, HTML and pdf
* Letters and/or definibles notes of draft notice by the user
* And much more?

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