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Web-shop OneMarket 70827

Product information
Windows 98/Me
File Size:
298 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
ShareWare the version allows:
To the seller:
. To form the multilevel catalogue (3 kinds of positioning)
. To change the order of the created sections, subsections and positions of the goods
. To bring and edit a code, the name, the price and the description of the goods
. To publish essential elements of the seller
. To change the data of access to editors
. To establish a measure of measurement of the prices: Euro.Cents; Dolars.Cents;
. To operate system of dynamic discounts
. To publish news with an opportunity of use of a html-code
. To publish conditions of sale, calculation and delivery
. To edit the contents of starting page
. To place a trade mark of firm on the interface of the program
To buyers:
. To choose the goods in 3, 2 or the single-level catalogue
. To specify desirable quantity and to receive due discounts
. To add, delete and edit ordered positions of the goods
. In real time to receive the updated discounts and a total sum of the edited order
. To specify in the form of the order the data, the phone, mail and the additional information
. To send the order and to receive on the mail a copy of the order with the data on the seller and shop
The full-function version in addition will allow:
. To place as static images of formats Jpg, Gif, Png, and the animation images of format Swf used for formation of 3D-projections of the goods.
. To organize search of the goods in names, descriptions and in view of possible mistakes in a spelling. Results of search are kept in a separate window for fast repeated access.
. To place not only Flash-, but also Html-, and the Exe-versions working with the general database.
. Working with the global database which is taking place on the initial domain, the full-function version will allow to distribute shop as copies on different sites.
The additional information on a site: OneMarket. INFO

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