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Webking Alloys Solutions 5.3

Product information
Windows XP/Vista
File Size:
10240 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Webking Alloys Solutions v5.3 (heat calculator software) will help to quickly calculate the accurate ratio of metals to be mixed to manufacture all kinds of Graded Cast Iron and SG Iron.Very useful in Sand Casting, Ductile Iron Casting and Grey Iron Casting.Heat calculator software contain Dongle based security. It will helps to calculate (approx) material per kg cost by considering burning lose, molding labour, rejection and profit. While calculating the per kg cost, it considers all materials put into to produce the final product.
Heat calculator software will let you manage the quality and cost of the final product.
It will help you to let you client/s know the per kg alloy cost immediately.
Heat calculator software allow you to deliver the product in accordance with the Indian Standard Grades that are equivalent to global grades.
The software keeps all the related information with it with ready to access any given time.
Que 1: How is this software useful for us?
Ans: It allows you to enter the cost and ingredients of material to be produced. Besides, it will also help to find the particular material using the material number. Through this you can get the detailed information regarding per kg material cost, which will easily let you know the offer cost. Additionally, it will also allow you to maintain the clients? database and, therefore, you can instantly generate the reports party wise or material wise.
Que 2: How can I know whether the software is useful/good for us?
Ans: The best answer for this can be: juts download the 15-Day all free trial version software and analyse all it by yourself. It will allow you to access and get to know about the all the features of the software and activities that can be done using the software. 24x7 HELP LINE CALL US NOW ON +91-94272 06159

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