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Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac 2.02.1

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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11182 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Ondesoft ClipBuddy for Mac- Don't think of it as a clipboard - it's a personal assistant. 1. Pictures or Text - It doesn't matter; Clip Buddy does it all 2. Text Trees - organize your clippings in to simple stacks so all your clippings are just a few clicks away 3. Super Paste - allows you to paste multiple clippings in a loop, without any pesky punctuation 4. Recorded Metadata - allows the user to see what application the clipping came from, when it was made, and even the URL of the website it was taken from. 5. Clip History - Clip Buddy automatically saves any clipping you make, ensuring that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of digital work MORE THAN JUST A CLIPBOARD 1. Organizes all of your copied text from any program in easy-to-navigate Text Trees automatically 2. Use Clip Buddy to copy images just like you would with text, it's that simple! 3. Paste your text with the original formatting or as plain text, so you can format it to suit your needs 4. Merge separate clips in to new clips effortlessly 5. Use the Super Paste feature to paste multiple clippings in a row CLIP BUDDY ORGANIZES ALL YOUR DATA 1. Clip Buddy automatically records all the essential data you never want to forget about your clipping, including: *What program it came from *When it was created *The web URL where you found it 2. Search for clippings using titles, clipping content or the clipping's metadata to find the clip you need BEHIND THE SCENES OR FRONT AND CENTER - YOU DECIDE 1. A handful of display options allow you to decide where Clip Buddy does all its work: *Keep the mini view always on top for when you always need to keep an eye on your clippings *Set Clip Buddy to open minimized so it can do all the work backstage and leave your desktop free for other work *Or simply turn on Clip Buddy's customizable transparency and enjoy the best of both worlds 2. The convenient toolbar icon lets you control Clip Buddy from above.
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