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Chroniker LogWatch for Log Management 4.0.3

Product information
Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
9377 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Chroniker LogWatch
Complete Log Management: monitoring, analysis, alerting, and reporting

Monitor Log files for any server, DNS, FTP, Web servers, Mail servers, and Application servers
OSes supported for logging: Windows, Unix, Linux, Syslog-enabled devices, etc.
Consolidate all log files (Windows Event Logs, SysLog,
Custom Logs, Application Logs) from different servers
Correlate all the log files for a single application into one view
Understand the behavior of your applications and servers
by looking at the frequency and trends of log messages
Choose your view: by Type, by Application, by Location, etc.

Features and Capabilities:
Facilities - create views of log files filtered by error type, client name, ip address, service, etc.
Templates - create reusable sets of Facilities
Color coded log messages to easily identify their alert status
Set alarm thresholds, persistence conditions and two reactions per alert
Side Watch - small window that gives a status overview
Integrates with 3rd Party Software
Ready-made Reports
Pre-made templates for the most useful reports
Reports by Filter Name, Filter Type, etc.
Historical reports - pull up reports for any date
Email reports - share with managers or colleagues
Dashboards - Combine logs into groups by application, by location, etc.
Profiles - Create monitoring window profiles e.g.: "business hours","weekends"
Exclude maintenance / blackout periods
User Management
Grant users read and / or write access to different dashboards for security purposes
Alerts / Reactions
Numerical paging, Email, SNMP trap, and custom scripts
Three alert types: Error, Warning, Information
Email can include up to 9 alert variables
Custom reactions using your own script
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