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myPendriveX4 4.0

Product information
Windows XP/Vista
File Size:
8992 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
myPendriveX4 is the Swiss Army knife for all drive types (internal and external hard disks, USB pendrives, Mp3 players, other memory supports like Compact Flash, memory sticks, etc.).
myPendriveX4 is a unique software provided with an incredible wide range of tools able to:
- enable extended and powerful Autorun functions, like automatically show a splash image, start multiple programs and documents at drive connection;
- quick access to your favorite portable applications with custom context menus;
- create your custom, independent, stand-alone executable application to be used in your own projects to start programs, presentations, documents and display your logo when a customer plugs the drive. myPendriveX4 will automatically create the proper autorun.inf file, compile the necessary executable and store in the right place all needed files and resources of your project;
- fully customize your removable drives with your favorite icon, name, label;
- transform your pendrive in a full featured MP3 player;
- protect your files encrypting the content of the drives;
- protect the access to your computer with the exclusive "Lock-with-Drive" function;
- protect your privacy with the "Panic Button" function;
- manage your portable password archives;
- bring with you your favorite Internet bookmarks and syncronize them with your PC;
- create Universal Shortcuts that are independent from drive letters;
- ...and much, much more.

Additional functions and features:
- real time drive capacity monitor with graphic informations;
- automatic and univoque identification of drives based on their serial number (and not on drive letter);
- system Tray balloon notification when a drive is connected/disconnected;
- built-in "quick safe drive disconnection";
- built-in installer for the portable version;
- wonderful and state-of-the-art interface design;
- extended quick help tooltips on every control.
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