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ProSecurity 1.08

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
1993 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
ProSecurity is a type of security software package known as H.I.P.S or "Host Intrusion Prevention System". The function of a HIPS, is to ensure you have high quality security on your system(s) at all times. Most average computer users think that security is a firewall and antivirus, but this kind of thinking is what contributes to a high probability of security and/or stability issues later down the line.
Supported OS Windows 2000 Sp4, Windows XP Sp1 Sp2.

Without adequate protection, while surfing or installing software, you are a sitting duck for all types of malware that can get into your system. In a lot of cases it can be your web browser that is your undoing. Applications from malicious web sites can automatically download and start without any asking permission from you at all!
There are several programs out there that will give you protection, but consider this:
We are devoted to security and are constantly bug testing and adding features as quick as we can put thought to paper.

Feature list

I. Process Guarding / Control

Process Execution Restricts
1. Restrict from executing
2. Restrict from loading applications

Process Protections
3. Reading Memory
4. Writing Memory
5. Terminating
6. Injecting thread
7. Terminating by windows message and task end

Process Accession Restrictions
8. Read Process Memory
9. Write Process Memory
10. Terminate Process
11. Inject Thread to Process

Process Global Privilege Restrictions
12. Read Physical Memory
13. Write Physical Memory
14. Install Service/Driver/Rootkit
15. Install Global Hook/Install Hook to Other Process
16. Modify Protected Registry Key / Value
17. Access Network
18. Modify Registry

II. Registry Guard

19. Registry Key Protection

20. Registry Value Protection
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