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JTlottery 2.0

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Windows XP/Vista
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1051 Kb
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Description from the publisher
Lottery software tests 45,000 lottery systems on the last 10 draws of YOUR game, and shows the Top10 winners. Use the Top10 graphs to pick a winning lottery system or the double-system graphs to combine complimentary lottery systems (very powerful).

You will see what you REALLY would have won in the past BEFORE you play. If a system performed well in the near past it should perform well in the near future. You use systems with REAL track records.

Most lottery programs examine past draws to find the most popular numbers and/or numbers that are in a trend and due a hit. These numbers are then combined into a list of lottery bets for the next draw.

This sounds great but the fact is, they are predicting for the near future, NOT the next draw. In other words, IF these lottery systems work, the predicted numbers will be spread out over the next few draws. They just never seem to occur together in one draw.

The only answer appears to be a combination of predicted numbers and non-predicted numbers. But how on earth can you find a good system with such a wide range of numbers to choose from, a system that works consistently on ANY game?

JTlottery has the answer. It tests 1,000s of lottery systems on the last 10 draws of YOUR game, and shows you the Top10 winners. You will choose one of these systems to bet on the NEXT draw.

Even better... use the graphs to pick two systems that compliment each other, and play both at the same time. If one system performed well in 5 of the last 10 draws, and another system performed well in the other 5, you have a combined system that performed well in all 10 draws.

There is nothing random about these systems. If a Top10 system shows big wins in 4 of the last 10 draws, then that's what you would have won if you used it for these 10 draws. Double-systems are even better.

If you follow more than one game, the same systems will be tested BUT, the Top10 list will be specific for each game being tested.

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