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Clip'n Crop 1.0

Product information
Windows 2000/XP/Vista
File Size:
2246 Kb
Product page:
Description from the publisher
Clip'n Crop is a powerful utility for cropping, resizing and renaming images.

Operating on single or multiple images, Clip'n Crop can crop or resize based on the original aspect ratio of an image or on predefined aspect ratios and fixed sizes. Predefined cropping parameters may be supplemented by user defined clipping rectangles based on either aspect ratio or fixed size.

Clipping and resizing images can be performed using either the mouse, the keyboard or both. Menu items and keyboard short-cuts allow images to be flipped (horizontal or vertical), rotated, centered, auto resized, reset and previewed.

The application environment, including position and sizing of dialog boxes, is saved after each session. Many aspects of the user environment, canvas (background) color, clip rectangle color and pattern, display preferences are customizable.

Individual images can be renamed or multiple images can be selected and renamed. When renaming multiple image files, names can be annotated with a user defined sequence counter as well as user defined text insertion. Counters can be started from any value and the number of significant digits are under user control.

Basic navigation control is a directory tree, with a twist. The navigation tree can be populated with one or more user defined "Projects", each containing any number of directory roots. While a Project may define a single directory tree at the root of any drive, multiple root directories can be defined for direct access to image directories of particular interest, including removable media such as USB flash drives from cameras.

Root "directories" can also be URLs so images from an existing web page can be accessed directly from links defined on a web page.

Projects can also be Imported/Exported to further extend flexibility and options for the user.

In multi-user Windows environments each user has a unique data space for saving application preferences and Project definitions.

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