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  • MAGAZKA - the program for automation of retail shop
  • stock charting and analysis software implements Mano Stick - the advanced chart type which is able to show volume in addition to the price data. ManoStick helps you to detect signals early thus giving you good stock trading profit. Path2Profit is the easy to use simple software with only reliable technical indicators. Drawing objects such as lines, trading, news, arrows, text can also be stored in this light weight Java application.
  • Excel Labor Cost Calculator automatically figures employee hourly cost for both hourly and salaried employees. Add in all the taxes, benefits, workers compensation, and any other associated Employer Costs, and your actual hourly cost is displayed. Our Excel based program is easy to use. Just enter the Salary or Hourly amount, company paid benefits, insurance, paid time off, and any other employee-related costs, and the hourly cost is displayed
  • PT multistation, developed by PFSoft, is a unique traders front-end solution which allows working with several brokers and data vendors at the same time while offering in-depth functionality including a trading community and advanced automated trading features. Traders can work with existing accounts and/or register new ones. Traders do not need to waste time switching between the terminals of different brokers.
  • Affordable purchase order organizer software is suitable for all business managers, accountants and other invoicing users to easily manage various sales/purchase order reports including quote reports, receipt reports, deposit reports, delivery reports, purchase order reports, invoice reports, vendor payment reports, item detail reports etc in few clicks of mouse with accuracy. Advance purchase order tracking program provides password protection feature and restricts unauthorized users to access confidential company database records or change software configuration settings. PO manager tool provides data backup and restore utility to retrieve accidentally deleted important files and folders from damaged storage drive with accuracy and maintains data integrity that does not affect its original structure. Best purchase order process streamlines and organizes the entire purchasing process of business organization to evaluate overall financial growth and performance. Purchase order utility facilitates user with bo ...
  • OPCutting for Windows is a panel cutting optimizer software simple and intuitive. It enables you to generate easily and quickly your cutting plans. OPCutting is designed for carpenters, woodworkers and manufacturers of products made from panel / sheet materials.
  • Bookkeeping invoice tracking utility reduces financial overhead of business enterprises by easily calculating all complex accounting computation. Enterprise PO order controlling software is frequently used in all leading industries including Import/Export, Transport Sector, Manufacturers, Retails, Real Estates, Healthcare etc. Reliable inventory management utility keeps track on selling, purchasing records, customer, vendor profiles, stock details in systematic manner. Inexpensive PO order management software maintains various financial reports such as quotation, sales, purchase order, delivery, deposit, invoice, inventory, vendor payment etc for further use. Professional billing management program provides backup facility that helps in regaining accidently lost essential accounting data. Affordable PO order supervising software easily eliminates duplicate financial records, data inconsistency, redundancy etc using centralized DB system. Cost effective business accounting application is an excellent choice fo ...
  • Route Planner is a Course and Distance calculations program and Waypoint editor. Production of a passage plan prior to departure is a legal requirement. Route Planner assists in the preparation of passage plans by allowing you to prepare, calculate and print full featured passage plan. A very quick and easy to use program, full of invaluable functions. Route Planner is a part of Maritime Software Suite along with Draft Survey and Lashing Calc.
  • Magnetic Money Desktop Int is monitoring of exchangers of electronic currencies. Simple tool for the quick search for the most favorable exchange rates and exchangers of electronic currencies, such as: Liberty Reserve, PayPal, Perfect Money, AlertPay, C-Gold, Pecunix, WebMoney, EuroGoldCash, Solid Trust Pay, Strict Pay, Global Digital Pay and other electronic currencies.
  • Barcode Director is a robust production imaging tool that uses barcodes on scanned / faxed documents to: rename image files by cover page barcode, separate into individual documents, assemble image pages into documents. Created documents and/or folders are named using barcode value. Supports TIFF and PDF as input and output. Unattended command-line processing of thousands of images per hour.
  • Easy to use barcode graphics designing program builds versatile barcode labels using various methods such as random, sequential series and constant value. Printable barcode image generator tool offers to edit text, color, caption, size and dimensions of existing barcode ribbons. Reliable barcode sticker building program is useful for small to large scale organizations like inventory management, retail market, transportation, warehousing, financial businesses, ticketing and shipping corporation etc. Affordable barcode image creator tool generates barcode labels using many designing objects like rectangle, circle, line and square etc. Reliable barcode ribbon building application makes barcode tags that are effectively printed and scanned by any kind of printer, scanner. Cost effective barcode sticker generator software facilitates to add created barcode images in any Windows application such as paint, excel and word etc. Business specific barcode label building program provides alternative to retrieve product?s ...
  • The software is intended for getting information about legal entities, established and registered in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, and which conduct their businesses in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • Allows you to verify hundreds of VAT identification numbers issued by a EU Member State. The verification is done against the national VAT database corresponding to the selected State. For the purpose of the verification, your request is sent to the national database via a secure Intranet service connecting national Customs and Taxation administrations and the reply is sent back in a few seconds.
  • BestMonitor is designed for monitoring automated Internet exchange points. With it you can view rates and reserve online monitor exchangers directly from your computer without going to any sites and is not wasting bandwidth and your precious time. Now you no longer need to wander through dozens of sites exchangers in search of a better rate and a suitable reserve.
  • InTask designed to help team leaders, developers and QA personnel to share their efforts and deliver the products on time. The product includes fast task management, interactive gantt, document management and integral MS Outlook integration
  • Exonya for hotel automation - simple and unique property management software. Distributed on principles of Software as a Service. That means - rent software but not buy it! From now your hotel can rent modern software and pay small fee every month. As for now we have unique proposal for all hotels - while you will see "beta" word in application logo you can use our software for hotel automation without any fees - for free!
  • Save money by always having your car costs under control with this program: Fast and simple collection of all expenditure for your car/motorbike. Collect your insurance costs, car tax, repair costs and also your fuel costs. You thus always have your eye on your car costs. In addition, collect the fuel prices of as many gas stations and there are many tips on the topic of cars and saving money, which can reduce your car costs in an instant.
  • KopSys receives and interprets XML files generated by the ShareIt order processing system, and produces template driven emails with an embedded license key generator. Designed specifically to make the software authors job easier with respect to managing software registration.
  • Qlockwork Pro is a premium version of the Qlockwork time tracking add-in for Outlook. Qlockwork Pro talks directly to Windows to automatically provide detailed data about how all computer time is spent. It is designed to track all PC activity without the requirement to start and stop timers. Qlockwork Pro adds scheduled reporting, Outlook calendar integration and a choice of tracking options to the basic Qlockwork product.
  • My Money is a high quality personal financial software written from ground up to work with online bank statements. Simply download your transactions from bank web site and they are automatically entered into electronic register. By bringing all of your important financial information together in one place, My Money helps you more efficiently organize your financial data, simplify taxes and grow your net worth.
  • Efficient barcode image designing application creates customized barcode labels, assets tag, ribbons by using popular linear and 2D barcode font standards. Professional business barcode label maker software provides facility to print multi copies of colored, high quality barcodes, labels, stickers in minimal time. Download barcode sticker builder program produce generating list by using various series generating options including random, sequential and constant value series techniques. Professional business barcode label creator utility saves colored barcode images to various graphic formats including jpeg, jpg, png, bmp, exif etc. Cost effective barcode label maker application generates barcode postal labels using image designing options such as line, rectangle, pencil, ellipse, text, pictures etc and many more. Professional business barcode builder software is fully capable to generate customized barcode ribbons, postal labels easily printable by most commonly used barcode printers and scanners. Secure barc ...
  • Do not get worried about how to promote your business in all over the. We at Assetlink provide you an Email Marketing Software solution. You can try it without requiring any technical support or expertise; marketers can conduct visual analysis of their direct mail campaigns and detailed profiling of their customers. Assetlink provides 30 days free trial of Email Marketing Management solution to evaluate the marketing efficiency.
  • TimeClockpro is a tool to help you, as a business owner, manage one of your most important assets and one of your greatest expenses of doing business - labor. TimeClockpro accurately adds time clock entries of every employee automatically. Accounting errors are avoided and time doing payroll is greatly reduced. Business owners and Supervisors have access to real time labor records. Supervisors can review timecards as part of the payroll process.
  • Advance barcode maker software has ability to rapidly design and print high quality tags and easily printable barcode labels using major barcode symbologies including Codabar, Code 11, Code 93 etc. Barcode label generator is highly demandable in commercial sectors like inventory management, shipping, mailing, blood bank, transportation, libraries, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Professional barcode creator tool is fully automatic and effective producer of barcode to create attractive and business specific barcode in simple and attractive manner. Easy to use barcode designing application create and print high quality barcode labels in form of asset tags, price stickers, security tags, postal labels etc. Professional barcode developer is flexible utility which provides facility to add different designing objects such as line, picture, text etc for creating eye catching barcode labels. Barcode generating software specialized in creating high resolution barcode labels, stickers that is very useful for vari ...
  • Calculate truckers per diem travel expense days for trips. Enter depart and return dates. Uses either whole day or 3/4 day method for partial days. Find out with the per diem days calculator from Truckers Tax Haven -- where truckers go to save money on their taxes. Free. Truckers Tax Haven has other trucker tax tools, too. Company drivers and owner operators. Get truckers tax tips at truckerstaxhaven.com.

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