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  • Easy Input aims to improve the efficiency, quality and accuracy of text input. Whenever you will be typing a word, Easy Input will display a list of possible candidates for the auto completion after you entered the first few letters. For example, if you want to enter ?efficient?, after you typed ?effi?, a candidate list containing ?efficiency?, ?efficient?, ?efficiently? and ?EffiWorks? will be shown, and you can select the second item to input ?efficient?. You can also use Easy Input to enter email address, favorite URLs etc. conveniently. For example, you want to enter your friend Jack?s email, after you typed ?Jack?, a candidate list containing Jack?s email, phone number, address etc. is shown, and then you can select the email address in the list instead of entering all of these letters by yourself. With this way, you will no longer have to remember by heart these emails, people?s names, phone numbers etc., just put them all in a dictionary of Easy Input and ask Easy Input help you to enter ...
  • Main purpose of Typing Buddy is to enable you to type less and write more! Writing emails,articles,even books can be much easier and faster if you can skip typing common phrases all the time.Beside that Typing Buddy can also be used to launch your programs,files,folders or even web pages from anywhere in no time.All you have to do is to assign short string(trigger) to any of above actions and Typing Buddy will do the rest!
  • Invisible keystroke recorder tool has password protection capability which facilitates you to customize program with password security to prevent unauthorized access. Family key logging software is compatible to run invisibly on subsequent Windows operating systems 98, 2000, 2003 server, NT, ME, XP and Vista versions. Key logging software provides you facility to watch what your children, spouse, associates are browsing on internet, record their chat conversation with strangers. Keystrokes recorder software monitors all running application, internet URLs and save those in encrypted log files and send to specified administrator e-mail address. Key logger software helps you to recover previously browsed data, retrieve passwords and typed e-mails in case you lose them. Keystrokes recorder tool does not require specific knowledge to operate it, user from any background can easily operate this tool. Keyboard surveillance utility secretly record all typed data, e-mails, instant messages, chats, website addresses an ...
  • Keyboard monitoring software is an advance remote surveillance program records everything viewed and typed on your computer or laptop system in your absence. Application covertly captures every keyboard keystrokes typed including passwords, messages conversations, language-specific characters, emails id, clipboard information, and other desktop activities. Professional monitoring and surveillance program observe every web page and opened or closed program and also generate screen shots at fix interval of time. Tool accomplish activity monitoring need of administrator and parents and can be used in the home, office, college or any small and big organization for monitoring and recording every suspicious action performed on your computer or laptop system. Keyboard activity logger captures screen shots like a surveillance camera and sends all details with screenshots in an encrypted log file to user specified email id. Software records every pressed key of keyboard including alpha numeric character keys (like 123 ...
  • How to record all typed keystroke or internet activities on your PC in your absent! Remote surveillance software can easily record all keystrokes and internet activities including emails, text, chat conversations, websites visited, username, password and opened documents lists. Parental internet utilities are securely and safely monitoring your system activities and allow for viewing what your childrens, family members or employees are doing in your absence. Freeware keylogger works in hidden mode on computer system and does not present for task manager, control panel, start menu, add or remove programs and recently observed program list. Keylogger spy tool is just password protected capable to log data from keyboard and only certified user can trace encrypted system log file. Keystroke monitoring software just safe and secure tool secretly traces all typed keyboard characters in efficient manner and generate text report of recorded data for further use. Invisible keylogger cannot be detected by any antivirus ...
  • cAPSlOCKhATER turns off the CAPSLOCK key which makes you write EVERYTHING IN CAPS. This stupid key always annoyed me when I was writing e-mails and suddenly all was IN CAPS. This program file tweaks windows to stop this behaviour.
  • Lock Mouse cursor with Easy Lock Mouse Utility within user defined rectangle.Mouse is released when utility closed.The main screen of the utility can be minimised automatically when mouse cursor is locked.Trial Version does not have any nagging popups.Register for $3.00 and get free upgrades.
  • Easy Text Inserter automate typing of repetitive phrases in any text editor
  • KeyManager allows you to assign the following actions to regular or long presses of keys or key combinations: show a popup menu with actions, paste user-defined text into any application; launch a program, open files or folders; open a specific web page; press and block keys, key combinations, mouse buttons, emulate mouse wheel rotation; create an email; manage windows, sound settings, your computer's and monitor's power and much more!
  • Key Customizer can customize keyboard layout, change any key to other keys.This tool allows you to redefine system keys.The advantages include:with it,you can make the keys disappear you dislike;with it,you can disable any key;with it,you can make the broken key function again;with it,you can protect your privacy;with it,you can change the common 102 keysd into multifunction without any effort.And so on.You can reset keys and it is just press a button. There only several buttons and so simple that the children can use.Several buttons and your finters can make your keyboard come out the beat all effect.How super it is.Don't hesitate.Act your fingers and then you are the master of your keyboard.
  • If you want to monitor your children online activities and prevent them from harmful or illegal website then try our children internet protection software that completely work in invisible mode and no one can detect it in control panel, add/remove program, task manager or not identify by any antivirus software. This parental monitoring software store all keyboard keys including special keys, functional keys or number keys in password protected log file. Remote surveillance tool record all typed URL, user?s chat conversation, login name, password and other typed information of Microsoft word, notepad, word pad or other similar application with date, session and time. Employee surveillance software helps administrator to watch out the employee?s online activities and identify those employee who misuse their time in chatting and open unusual websites at working time in any professional organization. Undetectable software is easy to install and support both laptop and desktop computer with different Microsoft win ...
  • MapKeyboard is a free program to remap your keyboard. Using MapKeyboard, you can alter any key on your keyboard to function as a different one or altogether disable it as well. This is an essential tool for laptop users and other people with keyboards whose keys differ from the standard 101 keyboard layout.
  • The Keyboard Shortcuts Assistant provides you with a convenient view on the standard settings of your applications' keyboard shortcuts. You just press Ctrl+~ when your application is active. It already contains an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts for the most popular applications.
  • The program allows a user to create a file of frequently used phrases, paragraphs, e-mail addresses, macros, clipboard entries, scripts, etc. and use them in any application just by typing a short abbreviation (text shortcut) or pressing a hotkey. The Perfect Keyboard supports macro recording so that user can simply record macros rather than program them. The Perfect Keyboard scripting language contains 150+ commands.
  • Macro ToolsWorks is powerful all-in-one Windows automation tool. Thanks to its strong built-in macro language (150+ commands) it allows you to eliminate most of your everyday repetitive tasks. The program allows user to create macros working in any Windows application and trigger the macro using hot-key or text shortcut, from custom toolbar, by defined mouse action or schedule to run the macro at defined time or when specific event occurs.
  • Type a few keys and have it replaced with longer text anywhere in Windows. You define the text to type and the text to replace it with. This software prevents repetitive typing.
  • April Fools' Day is around the corner? Do you find practical joke on friends, enemies or neighbors? Here is - Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard! Beginners get typing immediately with the Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard as they can find the letters easily. The letters are in A to Z order, like the alphabet. http://www.comfort-software.com/alphabetical-ordered-keyboard.html
  • Today teenage kids know lots of about computers then older generation. This parental control keylogger is great software for securing your kids. This stealth software completely works in hidden mode and it is impossible to detect or remove by your spouse or kids. Keylogger tool monitors all keystrokes on your computer or laptop and records it into a password protected log fie so that no one can see it in your absence. It is capable to save all login information, passwords, email, chat conversations etc and makes periodic snapshots of your computer desktop and sends it to administrators email id. You can also address your employees that either they can misuse your trade secrets or confidential information by sending them to your competitors mail. This real-time computer surveillance system is a perfect tool to monitor employees and provide instant feedback whether you are at office or not. This stealth monitor captures all keyboard buttons including special or functional keys like shift, ctrl, del, alt, F1, ...
  • Password protected key stroke monitoring tool provides support to create data log from key strokes of keyboard and only authorized person can view the traced data in the text file format. Key stroke surveillance utility is capable to monitor all user accounts and secretly permit you to create record files of all typed text by keyboards, chat conversations, user ID, passwords and other activities performed on your personal computer. Invisible key stroke monitoring tool does not appear on desktop, control panel and can not detected by the antivirus software or other anti spy tool. Keystroke logging utility has full control over your computer system for computer privacy from children or other user in your absence. Highly secure key logger software is easy to use and does not require any technical skill to operate this keyboard activity monitoring tool. Secure keystroke logging tool prevent from unauthorized user to change configuration settings of this utility. Keylogger text monitoring tool execute on your syst ...
  • Keystrokes capturing tool can record chat conversation, email, password and desktop detail. Keylogger Spy software is a computer activity monitor that allows you to keep track of what is happening on your computer. Keylogging monitoring software records all typed emails text, chats conversation, website visited, password and documents list opened anywhere in the system. Keyboard Capture tool runs hidden in the background, and automatically logs all keystrokes, and can also take snapshot of the desktop or internet activity. Professional monitoring and surveillance software can record and save data in a hide location. Key logger can track activities of other people using your keyboard without your permission. Keystroke monitoring utility runs in invisible mode automatically after windows starts up. Advanced Invisible keylogger runs silently at the Windows operating system capturing every keystroke typed including usernames and Windows log-on passwords. Keyboard tracker system is much better to monitor because i ...
  • Keylogger software is invisible, easy to use, monitoring tool that can record every keystroke into an encrypted log file for a later review. It records keyboard inputs like user name, windows login passwords, active window text, typed characters in all messengers including YAHOO, MSN, AOL and ICQ. Support for recording of keystrokes including special keys like Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Tab etc. Tool invisibly runs every time when OS is booted. Key logger provides the equivalent of a digital surveillance history so that you can see exactly what your family members, neighbors, employees or other users are doing on the computer. Parents can use it secretly to see what their children do with the computer when they are away. Utility can store screenshots of the users screen and can be helpful in determining sources of error in computer system. Utility automatically track application status, drive location, session time and date, application caption with each keystroke and save it in log file. Software supports various ope ...
  • The Clever Keyboard Indicator is a program which stays in your Windows system tray and displays "Caps Lock", "Num Lock" and "Scroll Lock" status, allows you to switch key status, plays a sound when the key status changed and many more. You can display OSD (on screen display) text when a key is pressed, add your own keys or key combinations and select a sound for added keys.

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