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  • Test 000-447 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Solutions Designer - CommonStore Email Archiving and Discovery Section 1 - Solution Planning (11.5%) Section 2 - Solution Design (13%) Section 3 - Sizing the System (10%) Section 4 - Administer the Backend Archive (11.5%) Section 5 - Installation of CommonStore (10%) Section 6 - Configuration of CommonStore (18%) Section 7 - Installation and Configuration of IBM Email Search for CommonStore (8%) Section 8 - Configuring Email Client (6.5%) Section 9 - Troubleshooting (11.5%) More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-447-exam.html easier way to success!
  • Test 000-445 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified System Administrator - Document Manager The test contains six sections totalling approximately 62 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections. Section 1 - High-Level Design and Requirements Gathering (11%) Section 2 - Installation and Configuration (19%) Section 3 - Troubleshooting (10%) Section 4 - System Administration (48%) Section 5 - Extensibility (5%) Section 6 - Core Product Information (7%) More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-445-exam.html easier way to success!
  • Test 000-444 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Solutions Expert -- IBM Content Management - OnDemand The IBM Certified Solutions Expert - IBM Content Management - OnDemand has detailed technical knowledge about IBM Content Manager OnDemand, applies these concepts, and has general knowledge of the IBM Content Manager family of products. The Content Manager Solutions Expert performs high-level design and requirements gathering, installation and configuration, user and system administration, report administration, initial system load, troubleshooting, maintenance, performance tuning, and web enablement related to IBM Content Manager OnDemand. This expert understands when IBM Content Manager OnDemand is the appropriate solution.and Section 1 - High Level Design and Requirements Gathering (11%) Section 2 - Installation / Configuration (9%) Section 3 - User Administration (7.5%) Section 4 - Report Administration (27%) Section 5 - OnDemand System Administration (15%) Section 6 - T ...
  • Test 000-443 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Solution Designer -- DB2 Content Manager V8.3 DB2 Content Manager certification requires that you have knowledge of the base concepts of DB2 Content Manager Enterprise Edition on Linux, UNIX or Windows, its components and functions. Included in these fundamental concepts is a working knowledge of relational database concepts and secondary storage devices. Below we list the primary objectives of the DB2 Content Manager exam. These objectives are listed here to assist you in your preparation for the exam, which you must pass to receive the IBM Certified Solution Designer -- DB2 Content Manager V8.3 certification. Section 1 - High Level Design and Requirements Gathering (25%) Section 2 - Installation and Configuration (13%) Section 3 - Troubleshooting (10%) Section 4 - System Administration (17%) Section 5 - System Managed Storage (8%) Section 6 - Maintenance and Performance Tuning (8%) Section 7 - Content Manager Clients (7%) S ...
  • Test 000-432 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Operator - Tivoli Storage Manager V5.5 Section 1 - Monitor TSM operations 1. Given that TSM is running and the administrative command line is available, run the query actlog command and review the output, so that server activity can be reviewed With emphasis on performing the following: 1. Log-in to TSM 2. From an administrative command line type query actlog 3. Review the activity log output for activities during a specific time, sessions, tape mounts, errors, and warnings 2. Given that a TSM Server Instance is running, Operational Reporting is available review the daily report and note any areas that need corrective action plan, so that a corrective action plan can be developed With emphasis on performing the following: 1. Start the TSM Management Console 2. Navigate to: Tivoli Storage Manager -> your TSM Server instance -> Reports -> ...
  • Test 000-169 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Associate BPM Administrator - BPM Blueprint; WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1 Section 1 - General Administration and Process Modeling (74%) 1. Diagram and describe basic WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1 architecture. 2. Install WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1using the Graphical User Interface. Section 2 - Case Study 1: Install and Configure WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1 (11%) 1. Install WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1 using the Graphical User Interface. 2. Describe the contents of configuration files and how they are processed by Lombardi. 3. Analyze the three merge levels of configuration files. 4. Backup and edit core configuration files using best practices. Section 3 - Case Study 2: Logs in WebSphere Lombardi Edition V7.1 (5%) 1. Describe logging, logging levels, and purposes of logs. 2. Troubleshoot failed logging changes. 3. Describe the contents of configuration files and how they a ...
  • Test 000-139 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Specialist - Rational AppScan Standard Edition * IBM Certified Advanced Solutions Expert - Security Software Solutions and Services v1 Objectives for test 139 1. What is Web application security 2. Why Web applications are vulnerable 3. What is the impact of Web application attacks 4. Description of some of the most critical Web application vulnerabilities 5. Description of the impact of those vulnerabilities+ 6. What is AppScan 7. What is Black-Box Web application security testing 8. How does AppScan work 9. Description of the main AppScan user interface components 10. Preparing for performing a Web application security assessment 11. Analyzing a Web application for the purposes of scanning 12. Configuring a Web application scan 13. Troubleshooting 14. Verifying AppScan results 15. Interpreting AppScan results 16. Creating AppScan reports 17. Configuring a Web service s ...
  • Test 000-137 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Advanced Application Developer - Rational Application Developer v7 Section 1 - Web Component Design and Implementation (14%) Section 2 - EJB Design and Implementation (30%) Section 3 - Web Services (12%) Section 4 - Database Connectivity and Messaging (8%) Section 5 - Security (10%) Section 6 - Validation, Tuning & Troubleshooting of the Development Runtime Environment (16%) Section 7 - Assembly and Deployment (10%) More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-137-exam.html easier way to success!
  • IBM test exam 000-101 dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Systems Expert - Virtualization Technical Support for AIX and Linux * IBM Certified Advanced Technical Expert - Power Systems with AIX v2 Planning (34%) 1. Using tools (e.g. System Planning Tool and performance tools) to determine adapter requirements and placement. 2. Determine provisioning requirements(e.g. VIO, NFS, SAN, Networking, VLAN trunking, IVE/HEA and virtual Ethernet). 3. Determine availability requirements (e.g. Multipathing, redundant adapters, storage). 4. Console considerations and capabilities (IVM, HMC). 5. Create system documentation (gathering from installed systems, creating design plans with drawer and I/O placement). 6. Determine requirements for Application and Partition mobility. 7. Determine which PowerVM capabilities and options are required. Implementation (33%) 1. Define LPARs (including using HMC/IVM). 2. Configure VIO servers and clients (including IVM). ...
  • The SoftDream SMS Activex Control Component is used to sending & receiving SMS and to send WAP Push through the Serial Port using the AT Command protocol. It is a robust and easy-to-use ActiveX SMS Component that will enable your desktop or web based applications for sending & receiving SMS and to send WAP Push,Activex Control use Queue to send sms and wap push.It can be used with any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem or phone handset connected to the PC serial port using a data cable or Infrared device etc. SoftDream SMS Activex Control can be used for developing applications that require to send/receive SMS in English as well as applications that require to send receive SMS in local languages (e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Thai, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi etc.), etc. Send text messages,Supports 7-bit GSM default Alphabet as well as 8-bit ANSI and 16-bit Unicode characters Read incoming text messages,fire event. Send WAP Push,Flash sms Set various messaging and network parameters (PIN, SMSC, ...
  • In this game there are pieces of golds and stones and you need to use the hook to catch them. The hook will swing periodically and when the angle is right, you can press the mouse button and the hook will shoot out, if the hook hits a piece of gold or stone, you can take back the hook and collect the trophy. Each level has a certain target that must be met, if you cannot gain the target money within the time limit, then you lose the game.
  • The sun has set over the horizon, and darkness envelopes the town. They suddenly appear from the darkness - half dead, half alive - Zombies! Are You ready to deal with them? Scared? Don't be... A big battle tank with two huge guns is under your control. This firepower can sweep the crowd of zombies with machine guns, rockets, flame throwers, lasers and other weapons. 100% FREEWARE.
  • Xilisoft Video Editor 2 for Mac is the comprehensive and easy way to take your video footage from shoot to show as your wish on Mac. Quickly load, organize and trim SD or HD video clips, cut together your production or split to segments to get creative and customized brand new videos on Mac. Xilisoft Video Editor 2 for Mac is everything you need for professional-quality video editing. Features: 1.Seamless join videos together, even videos of different formats. 2.Instantly split videos into segments to fit your digital devices. 3.Easily remove unwanted parts of your video in one simple step to showcase your favorite footage. 4.A vast range of video formats are supported, including AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, FLV, MKV, H.264/MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, MOV, RMVB, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, SWF, VOB, TS, DV H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (*.mp4), MPEG2 HD Video (*.mpg; *.mpeg), MPEG-4 TS HD Video (*.ts), MPEG-2 TS HD Video (*.ts), Quick Time HD Video (*.mov), WMV HD Video (*.wmv), Audio-Video Interleaved HD Video (*.avi). 5.Apply fade-in ...
  • Pass exam 642-832 in first attempt. 240 questions with detailed explanation and 148 study notes. 642-832 - Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks study notes, articles and mock test. 99% pass rate, 100% money back guarantee. Based on latest Cisco certification exam pattern. Download exam simulation and study guide. Download practice test for Cisco exam 642-832 Now. Based on latest certification exam pattern. Download 642-832 Now
  • Penalty Shootout Portable Multilingual - download and play. No installation needed. You are a striker and you want to put the ball behind a notorious goalkeeper famous for his ability to save penalties. Choose the amount you want to bet, select a direction in which you want to kick and then click Kick.
  • Photo-to-sketch conversion software AKVIS Sketch can be useful on many occasions. Surprise your friends and relatives by presenting them their pencil portraits. Make a watercolor drawing out of a photo from your last nature shooting to decorate your room. Convert your own photo into a color sketch to print on a T-shirt. Create a comic out of your party videos.
  • Halloween is here and it's spooky! Would you like to take a walk all alone deep in the woods and stumble upon an odd clearing with a ramshackle house that appears to be haunted? Something really strange seems to be going on inside as you see sparks of magic fire shooting out of the chimney. The whole place is packed with the scariest creatures of the night!
  • Flight for Fight is an adrenaline pumping action game in the "shoot'em all" style that involves you in the world of the air battles of World War II. Two sides of the conflict are presented in the game: US Air Forces and Luftwaffe. So, you have an opportunity to fly and fight on legendary aircrafts such as P51 Mustang and Messerschmitt Bf109. Warning: Easy to start playing, hard to stop.
  • With Kleo, you can now create all inclusive bare metal backup of servers. This saves 100s of hours tracking down original CD's or obsolete device drivers. Kleo enables server recovery without the need of any other software. Kleo comes with the Carroll-Net Server Recovery Kit. It's a LiveCD that includes hundreds of specialized server recovery tools. With it you can rescue failed servers, recover lost passwords and troubleshoot boot up problems.
  • Your mission starts in the Ural Mountains. Run, jump and shoot. Stay alive and destroy all enemies.
  • Pass4sure Advanced Backup Troubleshooting and Tuning HP HP0-244 test prep training. Ipass4sure.com offers lifetime membership of over 2000 certification exam tests with free p4s study guides and free audio exams.HP HP0-244 training tools and practice exams are offered free of cost to our members.
  • Red Castle is situated on the river bank. This beautiful lake is famous throughout the world. The entire territory of the castle well groomed and full of different elements of the decor. For example, this old gun that shoots like now. Walking through the castle takes you to a lot of fun, come along with us.
  • NetStat Agent makes diagnosing network connections and troubleshooting connection problems a snap. Combining and enhancing a number of functions provided by the command-line utilities, NetStat Agent gathers all information about the network and connection configuration in one place. You will never need to go back to using netstat, arp, ipconfig, ping, traceroute, nslookup or whois tools from the command line!
  • Funny freeware space-shooting arcade in which you have to clean up the galaxy from the asteroids using the laser cannon mounted on your spaceship. Some asteroids give you useful power-ups increasing weapon power or restoring health.
  • This guide is all about the the award-winning free game known only as Rocket Shooter Cast. This guide will provide you with various tips and tricks on how to beat the invaders in this game. The sequel retains the classic game play that won awards in the original game while making various improvements in the aesthetics and graphics segments of the game. In the game you will fill the sky with UFO debris as you shoot down the alien invaders.

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