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  • EasyQuery.NET WPF edition is a set of native .NET classes and components that provides you with an ability to include end-user-oriented query builder into your WPF application and allows your users to describe their database requests in native language instead of SQL, build their own queries and get all data they want without any assistance from your support team.
  • SharePoint AD Information Sync provides a short-cut to synchronize information in AD with SharePoint lists based on profile synchronization. Information can be synced from AD to a SharePoint list either manually or automatically at desired intervals. Meanwhile modifications made to SharePoint lists can be synced back to AD. SharePoint AD Information Sync has the capacity to allow for column mapping between AD fields and SharePoint list items to ensure accurate syncing of information. SharePoint AD Information Sync allows you to set a sync schedule to only sync information whenever it is required. The AD information that needs to be synced can be specified by Organizational Unit (OU) and LDAP query string. Specific items that meet certain customized conditions are allowed to be excluded when configuring the AD sync settings. settings. You can also exclude any user/group directly from the sync process. A sync log is provided enabling all sync activities to be logged and accessed at the administrator' ...
  • SQL Uniform is a database comparison and SQL query software. It is a database client, graphical user interface (GUI), a helper application to relational databases of various types regarding query, data comparison, export (convert), import. It supplies the databases with helper applications possessing a wide range of functions and several platforms accessibility.
  • Free Lepide Active Directory Query software is the most effective product that can assist you in storing and managing the user information right on your finger-tips. Perhaps, this is a simple Active Directory query tool that has got the exceptional quality to display the detailed information of all objects saved by the user. With the help of the network management software you have the option to save the generated information in CSV format. Another great facet about Free Lepide Active Directory Query tool is the result so generated can be optimized with the use of "Advanced" button. For administrators, this facility can be useful for generating the improved attributed results for the Domain as per query. Adding to this, the tool can further help in saving the valuable time of administrator.
  • Use a rich interface (GUI) to create any type of jQuery dialog or HTML window popup for your websites easily, such as: html window, html popup, jQuery popup, modal popup, modal dialog, jQuery modal, modal window. All browsers and platforms are supported by the window popups, along with ajax modal windows, opening/closing effects, colors, slideshows, flash, videos, image galleries, thumbnails, auto-play, automatic opening "on page load", and more!
  • User-friendly, powerful Windows interface (GUI) for creating stylish, cross-browser jQuery accordions, such as: vertical accordion, horizontal accordion, jquery slider, jquery toggle, accordion menu, collapsible panel, CSS accordion, etc. Add accordion controls to your pages with minimal effort and code. Use text, HTML, images, videos (YouTube, etc.), Flash, animations, entire pages ("ajax accordions", URL) as content in your accordions and more!
  • For debugging and publishing HTML sites. It is a very simple web server and when a HTTP query is received it simply gives files from the chosen directory without indicating any MIME-types
  • Introduction: LuJoSoftDb is fully integrated with TmDb, themoviedb.org online database.When you add a movie to your collection you will be able to search TmDb for information and images which will be downloaded from the net and filled in automatically. To view one of the movie in your collection, just click any title to display all the info on the movie in a webpage style. Note that very soone will have a music database intergrated in the program Feature: The database use Microsoft Sql server Compact Edition 3.5. Contain a small and functional web browser to view your collection and to browse the web. You can add and edit title manually. Four different report feature to print you collection, or save to Pdf, Excel and word format. Include a live search for your movie collection and get all the info needed in second. Many diferent sorting options. Backup, restore and reset function for the database. Auto-update function that checks for new updates every week plus an update now button. ...
  • Log Parser QL is free, easy to install and extremely flexible data analysis tool. Easy to install: Log Parser does not require any database or expensive hardware. And Log Parser QL will run on any operating system supported by Java. Extremely Flexible: Log Parser employs a simple query language to generate the reports. Using this language, you can easily specify what data is needed in the report and apply filters on that data.
  • Navigation menus are the most important element one should pay attention when designing a website. Web-developers can create user-friendly horizontal or vertical navigation menus using CSS. Javascript makes it possible to create more interactive, more responsive and more flexible navigation to any website. Animated jQuery Menu makes adding the menu to your website super simple. But it can also open the door to endless possibilities.
  • The easiest way to add stylish rollover menus to your website is to use ready to use jQuery Menu Slide templates from Apycom! You don't need to be an expert in web design to make a fantastic dropdown menu navigation. Now you can easily make professionally built drop down menus with cool sliding effects. Drop down menus with the unlimited number of submenu levels is a great way to place a lot of information on a page without losing usability.
  • Perfect Data Solutions originate Migrate Access to Excel converter software and convert mdb file to excel sheet. PDS Access to Excel conversion program specially designed to migrate access database to excel spreadsheet expeditiously with sleekly scans performance and completely export wholly access file content including tables, records, query, forms etc and then migrate to excel securely without spreading any harm to your access file.
  • jQuery menus are different than other plain ul' CSS and HTML menus, they bring life to your site. They make your site recognizable, memorable for the users. Javascript makes it possible to create more interactive, more responsive and more flexible navigation to any website. Ranging from simple buttons and horizontal simple menus to dropdown and even menus with cool Lavalamp effect. For users without javascript, it falls back on a CSS menu system
  • Multi Level Menus with the unlimited number of submenu levels is a great way to place a lot of information on a page and has been widely used on blogs recently. With jQuery Multi Level Menu you can easily create great looking menu with cool effects for your website. Just select color scheme you like, download the menu, specify item's caption/links and add all menu code on your web page. No design skills, no HTML, JavaScript, CSS, flash coding.
  • Create modern menu for your website with PalmPre style absolutely free using jQuery CSS Drop Down Menu. Select one of 6 color schemes. You don't need to have any design skills, know HTML, JavaScript, CSS, flash or any other coding, no photoshoping and image editing. Use ready to use jQuery CSS Drop Down Menu! The one thing you need to do is to write your own captions and links. This jQuery css drop down menu will work also even javascript is off.
  • Test 000-914 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Solutions Expert - Red Brick Warehouse V6 System Administrator * IBM Certified Database Administrator - DB2 9 DBA for Linux, UNIX and Windows Section 1 - Connectivity (3%) Section 2 - Create (7%) Section 3 - Daemons/Services (3%) Section 4 - Data Storage (9%) Section 5 - Design (10%) Section 6 - Index (10%) Section 7 - Install (3%) Section 8 - Loading (9%) Section 9 - Operating System (5%) Section 10 - Queries (5%) Section 11 - Security (5%) Section 12 - System (5%) Section 13 - Troubleshooting (6%) Section 14 - Tuning (5%) Section 15 - Unload/Export (5%) Section 16 - Versioning/Query Priority Concurrency (QPC) (5%) Section 17 - Vista/Aggregates (5%) More informations view: http://www.test4pass.com/000-914-exam.html easier way to success!
  • Test 000-733 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Application Developer - DB2 9 Section 1 - Database objects and Programming Methods (16%) 1. Knowledge of naming conventions of DB2 objects 2. Knowledge of the authorities needed to access data in an application Section 2 - Data Manipulation (26%) 1. Ability to query databases across multiple tables and views 2. Ability to use common table expressions Section 3 - XML Data Manipulation (10%) 1. Knowledge to identify the results of XML parsing 2. Ability to identify the results of XML Serialization Section 4 - Embedded SQL Programming (4%) 1. Ability to connect to databases within an embedded SQL programming application 2. Skill in executing SQL statements Section 5 - ODBC/CLI Programming (4%) 1. Ability to connect to databases within an ODBC/CLI programming application 2. Knowledge of the correct sequence for calling ODBC/CLI functions to execute SQL request Section 6 - .NET Programmi ...
  • Test 000-432 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Operator - Tivoli Storage Manager V5.5 Section 1 - Monitor TSM operations 1. Given that TSM is running and the administrative command line is available, run the query actlog command and review the output, so that server activity can be reviewed With emphasis on performing the following: 1. Log-in to TSM 2. From an administrative command line type query actlog 3. Review the activity log output for activities during a specific time, sessions, tape mounts, errors, and warnings 2. Given that a TSM Server Instance is running, Operational Reporting is available review the daily report and note any areas that need corrective action plan, so that a corrective action plan can be developed With emphasis on performing the following: 1. Start the TSM Management Console 2. Navigate to: Tivoli Storage Manager -> your TSM Server instance -> Reports -> ...
  • Test 000-142 exam dumps Related certifications: * IBM Certified Solution Developer -- XML 1.1 and Related Technologies Section 1 - Architecture (19%) 1. Determine the implications of a given architecture on XML design considerations 2. Select appropriate XML technologies for an architecture (XML Schema 1.0, XSLT 1.0, DOM2, SAX2, XPath 1.0, XQuery, Namespaces, DTDs) 3. Design functional components and interconnections for an XML application architecture 4. Assess performance trade-offs related to parsing, validation and transformation 5. Address XML security using XML encryption and XML signature Section 2 - Information Modeling (22%) 1. Analyze data, documents, and problem domains 2. Represent structure in XML syntax (model data) 3. Use Namespaces appropriately 4. Define DTDs (declarations, reuse, external references) 5. Define schemas using XML Schema (declaration, structure [elements vs attributes, best practices], data types Section 3 - XML Processing ...
  • Test 000-132: Storage Sales V2 Related certifications: * IBM Certified Specialist - Rational ClearQuest v7.1 Section 1: Installation (15%) 1. Knowledge of enterprise database requirements. 2. Enterprise database configuration 3. Client installation. 4. Web server installation and ports. Section 2: ClearQuest Administration - Planning (20%) 1. Team Oriented Change Management Record Type Planning. 2. Team Workflow Planning, i.e. ClearQuest States and Actions 3. Traceability, i.e. Requirements to Defects 4. Planning Team Roles, and Notification (e-mail), and Security 5. ClearQuest Package Planning. Section 3: ClearQuest Administration - Implementation (25%) 1. ClearQuest (CQ) Database Concepts, and CQ Database Creation. 2. CQ Schema Concepts, CQ Schema Creation, and CQ Database Association. 3. Stated Recorded Type Creation. 4. Record Type Field Management. Section 4: ClearQuest Administration - Automation (20%) 1. Hooks: Concept and ...
  • Visual jQuery LightBox is a free wizard program that helps you easily generate web photo galleries with a nice Lightbox-style overlay effect based on famous jQuery script, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code. Just upload files generated by the photo album builder to your server and it will run immediately, even if it's a free host without php, mysql, asp support.
  • DbSchema universal database tool for interacting with the database. It includes graphical schema diagrams, interactive data browse and visual Sql query builder. Further features like database-schema-synchronization, round-trip-engineering, team-work and others makes this tool an very useful environenment for developers as well as for administrators.
  • User-friendly and powerful Windows interface (GUI) for creating stylish, cross-browser jQuery HTML tab controls, such as: javascript tab, css tab, jquery tab, ajax tab, web tab, vertical tab, horizontal tab, dhtml tab, html tabs menu, etc. Add HTML tab controls to your pages with minimal effort and code. Use text, HTML, images, videos (YouTube, etc.), Flash, animations, entire pages ("ajax tabs", URL) as content for your javascript tabs and more!
  • A free comprehensive IDE for MySQL, it helps you work faster with MySQL by automating and simplifying the database development process. Presents a powerful visual interface for developing scripts, executing queries, managing users and privileges, and more. Key features include an advanced SQL editor, integrated database explorer, visual query builder, database backup and recovery, and fast direct connection to MySQL.
  • Pass4sure NonStop Structured Query Language (SQL) HP HP0-780 test prep training. Ipass4sure.com offers lifetime membership of over 2000 certification exam tests with free p4s study guides and free audio exams.HP HP0-780 training tools and practice exams are offered free of cost to our members.

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